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Mold due to construction defects can cause health issues

When you have a new home or other structures built, you want to closely examine the results to make sure there are no construction defects. Construction defects can range from those that are primarily aesthetic, to those that are extremely hazardous. Scratched floor tiling is unfortunate and should be fixed, but faulty wiring could cause a deadly fire.

One form of defect that can cause both aesthetic and health issues is mold. As we wrote in a previous post, mold often develops in areas that are moist due to leakage or some other lack of structural integrity.

Mold can cause unsightly staining on walls, floors and ceilings, which certainly make a home’s appearance less appealing. But molds may also give off unpleasant musty odors. These odors may be indicative of volatile organic compounds wafting in the air.

VOCs will typically evaporate at room temperature. Some people may have adverse reactions to certain VOCs. Far more dangerous are the toxins found in some molds. Mold exposure can lead to a number of symptoms including fevers, headaches and respiratory problems.

If you discover your new home or another domicile has mold, it is critical that it’s cleaned and removed as quickly as possible. It can be extremely expensive to pay for the removal of mold as well as for treating any adverse health issues the mold causes.

If the mold is the result of structural defects due to poor workmanship on behalf of the builder, you may want help getting repairs and reparations. A Florida construction litigation attorney could assess your situation to determine the mold’s source and the amount of money it will take to cover damages and other expenses.