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Tenants may have disputes with landlords in spite of planning

One critical step that most business owners must take is choosing a property to lease. As we have written previously on this blog, there are a host of factors that you will want to take into consideration before signing a lease agreement. By doing careful research, you can educate yourself on such matters as zoning laws, proximity of suppliers and the local crime rates, which can help inform your decisions. Hopefully your efforts in choosing a property will pay off and you will be able to move into the perfect spot.

But one factor that may be difficult to predict prior to moving in is how a landlord will respond when called upon to fix a problem. A building that houses a company’s operations must be kept in optimum condition. Issues with the electricity, plumbing or air conditioning must be addressed as soon as possible. Once a landlord is informed of such problems, he or she is obligated to carry out the repairs as stipulated in the terms of the lease agreement.

As a business owner, you can ill-afford to have your business put on hold due to a landlord’s negligence. If the situation degrades to the point where the landlord’s refusal to fix known issues negatively impacts your business, you may want to contact a Florida attorney who has experience handling commercial landlord-tenant disputes. At Warren Gammill & Associates, we are prepared to represent tenants who have suffered harm due to landlords failing to properly maintain their properties. You can read about our litigation and mediation services on this website.