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Contract disputes with foreign entities can be problematic

When it comes to the real estate business, Miami is now a virtual beehive of nonstop activity. It’s not just Floridians that are investing, developing and selling. As we covered previously on this blog, serious investors are coming from all around the world to get in on what Miami has to offer.

Perhaps this interest is due to the belief that real estate purchases in Miami will yield substantial profits, or maybe it is because the city itself has an irresistible allure. But whatever the case, if you are involved in any aspect of sales or development, you may find yourself doing business with some of these high-value foreign investors.

But what happens if you make an agreement with a foreign entity only to have complications arise? A breach of contract can happen for any number of reasons. Sometimes a breach is the result of a disagreement regarding what the written terms of a contract actually mean. In other cases, one party may simply be untrustworthy.

Regardless of the cause of the dispute, it is important that it be resolved. This can be an especially complicated proposition when dealing with a party that is not based in the United States. Therefore, if you are involved in a breach of contract situation with a foreign company, you may want to get in touch with an experienced attorney.

At Warren Gammill & Associates, we represent the interests of clients who are looking to have contract disputes reconciled. So, if you believe that you are the victim of a breach of contract, or if you are being accused of having breached a contract, we may be able to help you get the matter resolved. We have an overview of our services posted on this website.