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What are some key elements of a home renovation contract?

When looking to make upgrades to your home, you may enlist the services of a contractor. Before beginning a large-scale renovation, you will want to get the terms of the construction done down in writing. Well before the first nail is driven, you will have a lot of details to get clarified.

Depending on the size and scope of the work, you will need to consider such things as zoning laws, timeframes and estimated costs. A well-written construction contract between you and the contractors doing the work will help ensure everything is done per your specifications.

So if you are having major renovations done, what are some of the key elements you may to want include in a home improvement contract? Well, the following items are typically part of a renovation agreement:

  • Start times and deadlines. In establishing your time frames, it is a good idea to include not only the beginning and end dates for the entire project, but to also set target dates for different phases of the project.
  • Terms of payment. Typically, up to one-half of the full amount owed is paid upon the signing of the contract. The balance of the bill is paid upon the project’s completion. However, other arrangements can be stipulated contingent upon the specifics of the project.
  • Warranties and guarantees. It should be made clear what guarantees a contractor will make on the work. You also want assurances that the materials being used will be new and under warranty.

These are just three of many very important aspects typically contained in home improvement contracts. Such contracts can be rather complicated, so you may wish to have a construction litigation attorney look it over before signing. Likewise, if a party with whom you have a renovation agreement in some way breaches the contract, the attorney could represent your interests as you seek a resolution to the dispute.