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To keep up appearances, building maintenance is a must

For Florida businesses, projecting a strong, positive image is absolutely imperative. There are many aspects to keeping up a good appearance. It is important for employees to be knowledgeable, have strong customer service skills and dress appropriately for the company’s specific business environment. And of course, the office or storefront in which the business is housed will speak volumes to current and potential customers.

This is why choosing the right commercial property is such a key element for the success of your enterprise. And once you have picked your favored location and moved in, then building maintenance becomes vital.

It is very difficult to make a good impression if your place of business suffers from leaks, electrical troubles, or air conditioning and heating problems. What’s more, serious property issues could force you to shut down until repairs are made.

Many of the most important aspects of building maintenance are the sole responsibility of the landlord or property owner. In fact, they are legally obligated to make sure their leased properties are safe and habitable. And they are required to promptly address certain emergency situations. Should conditions grow too severe, you may find yourself having to vacate the premises for your own safety. Such a situation is commonly referred to as a constructive eviction.

At Warren Gammill & Associates, we are experienced in handling commercial lease disputes. We are located in Miami and have a firm understanding of how to help tenants and landlords resolve their legal issues. If you are having problems with a landlord that is not adhering to the conditions of your lease agreement, we would be very interested in discussing the matter with you.