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Developers need their contractors to stick to game plan

Often the most important decisions a football coach makes involve which players will make the team and play in the games. A team simply cannot win without good players. Being a real estate developer is similar to being a coach in that it is important to select a team of good contractors in order to successfully complete your project.

And while a football coach can write up a game plan on a white board for his players to follow, a developer will have his or her game plan written up in contracts. These very important written agreements should clearly stipulate all the key elements of a contractor’s responsibilities. These responsibilities include beginning and finishing work in a timely fashion. The contract should also contain requirements regarding the quality of materials used for construction.

If contractors stick to the terms of the agreement, everything should be fine. However, a contractor’s failure to act in accordance with a contract could cause a developer to suffer a large financial loss.

If substandard materials are used in the construction of a building, the building could have very serious defects. In such a case, a developer could be stuck with a structure that cannot be used and may even have to be torn down.

A coach can bench a player who doesn’t follow a game plan, but it is much more difficult for a developer to deal with a contractor who breaches a contract.

At Warren Gammill & Associate, we understand the complications that can arise through the course of a construction project. If you have been placed in a bind due to a contractor’s negligence or unwillingness to do a job correctly, we would be interested in discussing the situation with you. Our website contains a summary of the services we can offer.