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Florida condos found to have serious construction defects

Florida is a beautiful state in which to live. Perhaps this is why people are often willing to pay premium prices for homes here. But when you put your hard earned money into a place to live, you expect that it will be a comfortable, secure and safe dwelling. If your home turns out to be rife with construction defects, you could find yourself facing extreme economic hardships.

In Orlando, residents of the Hamptons Condominiums have been dealing with serious issues reportedly caused by construction defects. The Hamptons condos are said to suffer from building code violations that have led to very serious property damage.

Currently, efforts are underway to repair the damages. However, it is uncertain if enough money will be available to cover both the repair and legal costs created by the situation.

The damages are of such magnitude a judge declared the units were uninhabitable. The judge cited damage caused by water intrusion as creating the problem. In addition, the judge ordered developers to pay $40 million to the condo owners association.

However, what might be more troubling is that the problem may extend beyond this particular property. According to a Hamptons condominium association legal representative, it is possible that the same kind of issues plaguing the Hamptons may be present in many similar structures built in Central Florida. These buildings were constructed in the pre-recession period.

The legal representative also points out that those interested in purchasing Florida property similar to the Hamptons may be swayed by attractive clubhouses and well-maintained lawns. However, a closer look will reveal substandard workmanship.

If you have had the misfortune to purchase a property, only to discover that it has construction defects, you may want to get in touch with an attorney who has experience in construction litigation. The attorney may be able to help you get repairs or recoup your losses.

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