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Classic movie shows dangers of bad partnerships

One of the most interesting aspects of the gangster classic “The Godfather” is the film’s depiction of how the various families conducted business among themselves. The fictional mafia clans were willing to go to violent extremes when it came to achieving their goals. One justification repeated by several characters that committed egregious acts was that their behavior was nothing personal, but strictly business.

The film, as a whole, could be interpreted as a metaphor for the business world. The families made alliances when it suited their needs, but each partner was always looking to get an edge. While these interactions made for compelling storytelling, with all of the betrayal and revenge, in real life, this approach to business is pointlessly destructive.

In these partnerships, some of the partners will win while others may not only lose, but be destroyed. There is really no reason to enter a partnership unless it is based on creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

In spite of the obvious drawbacks, there are companies and individuals who will act strictly in their own interests after entering a partnership. They may violate their contractual agreements or even the law when betraying those who trusted them and depended on them to act honorably.

In “The Godfather,” business was a zero-sum game, but in the real world, partners must act in concert to succeed. When agreements are unfairly breached, the offending party should be held legally accountable.

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