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Federal acts may help you counter unfair business practices

They say all’s fair in love and war, but what about business? Well, fortunately, business relies on laws to allow everyone a fair shot at succeeding in the marketplace. And while most companies and individuals understand where the lines are drawn, there are those who will do whatever they think they can get away with in order to gain the upper hand.

In an effort to solidify power and gain profit, an unscrupulous business may employ strategies that give them an unfair competitive advantage. These strategies may include trying to create a monopoly or engaging in price fixing.

But fortunately, there are legal safeguards in place to help prevent or put a halt to such acts. These laws are based on three federal acts; The Sherman Act, The Clayton Act and The Federal Trade Commission Act. Each of these acts covers different aspects of unfair trade practices and are intended to maintain the integrity of doing business in this country.

If, through the course of conducting business, you encounter a situation where you believe a competitor is engaging in unfair trade practices that are harming you, the above mentioned acts may help you get the situation corrected. But the simple fact that these acts exist is not enough to ensure justice.

At Warren Gammill & Associates, we understand how to hold those who are overstepping legal boundaries accountable for their actions. In addition to unfair trade practices, we offer services to clients who are dealing with other forms of business torts such as defamation, embezzlement, and fraud. We are based in Miami and would welcome discussing your case with you.