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You may be able to terminate an unfair contract

Typically, contracts lay out the terms and conditions that help ensure that two parties are obligated to keep their promises to one another. As such, contracts should be constructed so as to create a situation that provides the desired benefits for both parties. Therefore, it is important that the terms be fair and reasonable.

Yet the very simple concept of fairness can become a matter of contention. But it is always preferable that disagreements be hashed out before a contract being signed. Once you put your name on the dotted line, you are legally obligated to hold up your end of the bargain.

But what happens if after you are contractually obligated to another party, you discover that the terms are decidedly unfair or that the other party had been in some manner deceptive? In such a case, you may find it critical to extricate yourself from the agreement.

Although it can be difficult, there are conditions under which you may be able to have a contract terminated. For instance, if you can demonstrate to a court that the other party was dishonest when negotiating, it is possible to have the agreement canceled. The dishonesty could be in the form of withholding information, deliberately concealing important facts, or simply making false statements.

There are other possible reasons that a contract could be terminated, including duress and undue influence. So if you are in danger of suffering an economic loss due to an unfair contract, it may benefit you to contact an experienced business litigation attorney. An attorney could go over the contract and build a case to demonstrate the ways in which the other party acted in a dishonest or inappropriate manner.