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Both landlords and tenants have lease obligations

Landlord-tenant disputes can become extremely heated. This is due to the fact that so much is at stake, and this is especially true if the property in question is housing a business. For example, a company could suffer severe financial losses if it is unable to conduct business due to unsafe or uncomfortable building conditions. Such conditions could be caused by faulty wiring, broken plumbing or a broken heating or cooling unit.

Typically, in such cases, it is incumbent upon the landlord to make prompt repairs. However, what happens if the landlord believes that the tenant is responsible for the issues? It is possible that the problems were a direct result of the tenant’s negligent behavior.

Fortunately for all parties involved in such disputes, lease agreements typically outline the responsibilities and rights of tenants and landlords. And sometimes all it takes to resolve an issue is for both sides to go over the terms of the lease and then act in accordance with those terms.

But things get much trickier if the parties are unable to agree on what the words in the agreement actually mean, or if the agreement was unfairly worded to carry too much favor to one of the sides. Such a disagreement could create an impasse that both parties could find frustrating and costly.

At Warren Gammill & Associates, we have experience mediating landlord-tenant disputes. We can sit down and carefully review the terms of the lease to determine the obligations of both sides. We can then examine the cause or causes of the dispute and assess if the assigned obligations were properly met. If you are in a dispute with a landlord or tenant, we would be interested in discussing your situation. You can find more information about the services we offer on the pages of this website.