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Solve your commercial dispute quickly with an attorney

Commercial real estate represents a significant investment to both owners and tenants. When issues arise, it may be critical to the business tenant’s financial health that they are resolved quickly. Fortunately, for all types of commercial landlord-tenant disputes, there are attorneys that can help.

Landlord-tenant disputes have the potential to turn ugly fast. While it may be beneficial for both parties to have a quick resolution, certain factors may significantly impair their ability to do so. When a lease is in dispute, the first step to resolving it may be a thorough and comprehensive review of the agreement. Both the landlord and tenant have rights, and a dedicated and reliable commercial law attorney can help protect them.

Like any agreement, both parties of a commercial real estate lease have certain obligations they must uphold. When a commercial landlord fails to uphold these obligations, their tenant may have grounds to file a lawsuit. With the help of an experienced commercial law attorney, these cases can be quickly resolved through mediation, or if necessary litigation.

Not all commercial leases are completely enforceable. A lawyer with landlord-tenant dispute experience can identify which leases are enforceable and which can be terminated. They may also be able to limit the loss experienced by the business tenant during the dispute process by staying on task and pushing for resolution.

If you are engaged in a landlord-tenant dispute, and are concerned how this may affect your business you may want to work with a commercial law lawyer. With their knowledge and resources, they can quickly and effectively handle all types of landlord-tenant disputes and work toward a resolution that protects your rights and is in your best interest.