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Contractor sued by people that are not his clients

Contractors know that there can be problems working with the public. They are probably prepared to handle the unhappy customer who points to the “satisfaction guaranteed” clause in the contract as the reason for demanding the contractor make changes. They may also be used to those who make changes halfway through the project and then balk at the additional expense. Regardless, contractors are pretty good at handling a lot of problems that arise from working with the public. Sometimes, however, unforeseen circumstances can lead a contractor to need the support of a solid legal team.

That’s the situation in which developer Gil Dezer found himself in 2013. According to an article in The Real Deal, a South Florida paper that covers real estate news, Dezer and his team were contracted to construct a super deluxe tower known as the Porsche Design Tower. His team had just finished installing the foundation pilings when the trouble began.

A nearby 34-story condo building, called The Millenium, filed suit against Dezer and his entire crew. In the suit, the condo association alleges that the construction of the Porsche Design Tower caused massive cracks in The Millenium’s lobby, parking garage and pool deck. They also claim that concrete overspray damaged The Millenium’s south façade. All in all, they are seeking $4 million in damages.

As a contractor, you are undoubtedly aware that you are responsible for the quality and safety of your work. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to know how your work will affect those around you, especially those not directly affiliated with your job. If you find yourself in a dispute with those not even involved with the job for which you were contracted to do, it’s time to seek professional council.