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Geico sued for defamation and wrongful claims denials

The Florida Spine and Joint Institute has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Geico, alleging that the insurance giant has systematically committed fraud with personal injury protection claims. FSJI claims that Geico has routinely denied payments for treatment that injured accident victims received at its medical facility.

Drivers in Florida are required to have PIP insurance, and insurers that operate in the state must offer this to all Florida motorists. FSJI provides medical services to people who have been injured in vehicle accidents and then submits claims to the patients’ PIP insurance providers for reimbursements. However, it claims that Geico has systematically denied PIP claims for patients who have received medical care at FSJI. The company also claims that Geico sent letters to the patients in which it claimed that FSJI had engaged in fraudulent billing, something that FSJI claims is both false and defamatory.

Geico argues that the claims were rightfully denied. It states that FSJI has billed for services provided by massage therapists, charged for more expensive services instead of the less expensive alternatives that were provided, and billed for services during times when FSJI was not open. FSJI, which is seeking damages of more than $750,000, has requested a jury trial.

Defamation against a business by another business can cause reputational harm and profit losses. Companies that believe that they have been the victims of business torts might want to consult with experienced civil lawyers to learn about their options. Legal counsel may explain the various legal strategies that they might use to prevent further harm and to recover compensation for their losses. By filing lawsuits against the companies that have engaged in defamation, the businesses might be able to hold them accountable for their wrongful actions.