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Learn more about trade libel and business

Residents and business in Florida may want to learn more about what trade libel is and how it can affect a business. Sometimes, customers or another company will say or write very negative things about a small business. This falls under the category of defamation.

According to FindLaw, these negative comments can be very detrimental to a business that has invested time and money in its success. Because of this, a trade libel suit may be filed against the business or person who made the derogatory comments.

Making false statements and damaging a reputation are considered defamation; a tort can be filed against them. The plaintiff will have to show the following: A statement was made that was published; the statement was not true; the statement was the cause of injury to the plaintiff; and the statement was not considered to be in a privileged category.

Statements that are derogatory and true do not provide a basis for a trade libel suit since they can easily be defended. On the other hand, the false statement must be factual not just an opinion. By being published, it was given to a third party.

When one suspects that trade libel has been committed against their company, they should consult an attorney.

Business litigation may be the route to take against those who have made false statements and derogatory comments against a business. Trade libel is just one of the ways in which a business may need to recover damages from losses. Breach of contract, deceptive business practices, stockholder lawsuits, partnerships and more can all affect a business. An attorney based in business law might be an ally in protecting a business from disputes and much more.