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The role of the construction lawyer

When legal problems arise from a building project in Miami, construction litigation may be necessary. Construction lawyers might represent property owners, individual workers, large companies or sureties. For example, payment and workmanship disputes are common issues in construction law.

If a problem escalates, a party will need an attorney who is versed in construction litigation. It is not a good idea for an individual to represent themselves in cases regarding construction. Sole proprietors can represent themselves in small claims court, but any other type of entity should strongly consider retaining legal counsel.

Sometimes, disputes are handled with threats of legal action. However, these issues may be resolved without actually going to court. If a suit must be filed, a lawyer will be needed. Additionally, a construction contract should be reviewed by a lawyer before the building begins.

Construction contracts can contain clauses that could be troublesome or create liability. The goal is to avoid legal issues before they occur. Furthermore, construction may be defective, or what was promised is not happening. Defective construction is another common reason for legal action in the industry.

Fighting a legal battle, whether suing or being sued, requires the help of an attorney. Those being threatened with a suit should also call in a lawyer. When payments aren’t coming, construction businesses have some tools to help them. Through a legal consultation with a construction lawyer, they can learn about all their options.

When a construction-related legal issue emerges, it’s generally best to obtain representation sooner than later. Whether it’s a payment dispute or contract issue, an experienced attorney could provide valuable guidance.