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TV star “Judge Judy” is sued for a breach of contract

Individuals in Florida may have heard about the recent court case centering around Judith Sheindlin, known as Judge Judy, who is being sued for a breach of contract. The suit was launched by Rebel Entertainment, which has ties to the talent scouting company that discovered Sheindlin in the 1990s. Rebel Entertainment claims that Sheindlin was contractually obligated to include the company in the share of profits that she received from selling the “Judge Judy” episode library.

According to Rebel Entertainment, former CBS executive Les Moonves sold Sheindlin the rights to the entire “Judge Judy” episode library in 2015 for a relatively cheap price. Sheindlin allegedly realized that the show was worth much more than she’d paid and decided to market the library to interested buyers. Rebel Entertainment claims that Moonves then offered to buy back the library from Sheindlin for a price just under $100 million to avoid the attention of the CBS board of executives.

Rebel Entertainment is now suing Sheindlin and a group of related parties for an alleged breach of contract. Rebel Entertainment believes that the company is owed a small percentage of the sales as was outlined in the original contract. This is just one of many contract disputes that the show has found itself involved in.

Individuals involved in contract disputes of their own may wish to speak with an attorney. An attorney might be able to perform an in-depth review of the contract and inform the individual whether they have broken the contract or if another party broke the contract they had outlined. An attorney may also help the individual understand the vague or confusing parts of the contract and decide if it’s worth pursuing a case. Legal assistance might help make the case as short and efficient as possible.