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Historic retailer embroiled in commercial real estate dispute

While disputes over rent in Miami and across Florida are often considered to be limited to residential situations or small businesses who are having financial challenges they are trying to sort through, it can happen with larger businesses as well. Even those that are established brands known across the globe can be caught up in a disagreement over rent and the contretemps that frequently accompany these commercial real estate disagreements. Having legal protection is important for anyone who is confronted with these circumstances regardless of their perspective as an owner or renter.

Lawsuit between Saks Fifth Avenue and its Miami landlord grows contentious

An ongoing legal dispute between Bal Harbor Shops and its tenant Saks Fifth Avenue is getting worse. The retailer has filed a lawsuit against Bal Harbor and named its owner in the case saying that it is attempting to “shame” Saks because of a battle over rent. The department store has been a tenant of Bal Harbor for 44 years. Saks says that in response to the legal filing, the landlord smeared the company for what it says was its right to protest unreasonable demands.

Bal Harbor had sued Saks because the retailer is accused of failing to pay its rent from January to March and it did not pay the required percentage of sales for the first three months of the year. In response, Saks accused Bal Harbor of disclosing information regarding its rent that was supposed to be confidential, thereby violating the rental contract. Bal Harbor says Saks has not paid its rent as it was obliged to do.

Dealing with commercial real estate disputes requires legal help

With commercial real estate, when significant sums are involved and the dispute becomes acrimonious, it is easy for the case to spiral out of control with back and forth public statements that serve to make the landscape even more difficult to navigate. For the landlord and the tenant, it is wise to maintain an even disposition and have the legal professionals address the disagreement and seek a workable solution. Often, court is not necessary and mediation can be effective. If it must be litigated, it is even more vital to have legal assistance. A caring and experienced legal professional can be of assistance in any commercial real estate dispute.