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What is tortious interference in business?

Business owners can experience wins and losses as the work to grow their enterprises. Often, they must associate with other parties and entities in order to find opportunities to expand. In Florida, that can mean entering into contracts to create business relationships.

However, in some cases the creation of a business relationship or contract between two entities may mean a loss for a third party. When third parties interfere in the relationships and agreements of others to the others’ detriment, the third parties may be responsible for committing business torts. Specifically, tortious interference can be alleged by those who suffer losses due to the actions of third parties.

The elements of tortious interference

Tortious interference is not a crime but rather a business tort. It causes economic loss and is based on intentional actions or inactions. Some of the main elements of the claim include:

  • A business relationship or economic agreement between parties
  • Knowledge of the relationship or agreement by the interfering party
  • Intent and action to interfere in the relationship or agreement
  • Damages suffered due to the interfering party’s actions

Parties that lose money and business opportunities may have options to sue for their losses when tortious interference happens.

Determining if interference is improper

Not all allegations of interference in business relationships and agreements arises to the level of tortious interference. Courts will look at the propriety of the actions of the alleged interfering parties to determine if business torts have been committed. Evidence that may constitute improper interference can involve support to prove improper motives, taking advantage of close relationships, and other improper conduct.

Business torts can cause economic losses and other serious damages for business owners. When they happen, victims can seek the help of dedicated business law attorneys. This post does not offer any legal advice. All inquiries on business torts should be directed to trusted local Miami attorneys.