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Lawsuit accuses developer of violating condo rules and profiting

Miami condominium associations have strict rules to serve the needs and desires of residents. When there is a legal issue, it can impact many people and it is important that the association understand what steps to take to address it. For those accused of wrongdoing, it is similarly imperative to be legally protected. Business and construction litigation can be complicated, costly and time-consuming. Being aware of avenues of negotiation is key. One recent lawsuit accuses a developer of illegally profiting from unapproved additions.

Lawsuit says yacht dock violated condo association rules

The founder and chief executive officer of a development company and a yacht company are being sued by a condominium association for various acts it says are illegal. According to the case, a boat dock was built when it was not approved and the developer and yacht company have benefited from it. There were already two boat docks that were for residents of the condominium only. The third dock was built in July 2018 and leased. It says that more than $60,000 of cash reserves were used for its construction. The developer says he did not do anything wrong.

The court wants the parties to engage in a negotiation and come to a settlement on their own. Thus far, negotiations have been fruitless. The condo association wants $30,000 and for its attorney fees to be repaid. The condos are valued at between $250,000 and $1.35 million.

For condo, real estate, construction and contract disputes, legal help is key

Comprehensive legal assistance is essential where business, construction and real estate intersect. This is true regardless of the individual or business perspective. Condo associations are serious about their rules being followed to cater to their residents. If there are accusations of wrongdoing, it is wise to have legal assistance from the start.

Having legal advice to help with the negotiations is vital toward that end. If the case must move forward to trial, it is even more crucial to have legal help. A firm with experience in all areas of business litigation and real estate law can be beneficial to achieve a successful resolution.