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Fighting fraud with these tools

Fighting fraud is an occurrence that must involve using the right tools. Businesses in Florida need basic tools, detailed policies and complex systems to prevent fraud at all levels. There are several tools that are recommended to assist with fighting fraud at work.

Antivirus software

The first line of defense against computer fraud is antivirus software. Every computer in a building or facility must contain the latest update of antivirus software.

VPN network

A VPN network provides an added layer of security for any computer in any location. The network is often used by employers and employees who must protect the company’s confidential information. A unique username and password, only known by a certain user, must be entered to access the network.

Authentication system

Identity thieves succeed when they are given easy access to computers, phones and paper files. An authentication system restricts the level of access to a building, room, computer or file. It is designed to identify each user by a unique feature, such as a username and password, identity card or fingerprint. Preventing the most serious business torts -fraud, starts by reducing the risks of identity theft.

Management software

Most companies use business management software tools to help with organizing information. Many software programs, from accounting to human resources, have built-in tools that identify, mitigate, remove or report the risks of fraud. Not using software to complete paperwork or store information means increasing the risks of unauthorized use.

Fighting fraud from all angles

Preventing fraud 100% is never guaranteed and neither is removing all of the risks for your company. And every security tool works differently in every workplace. So it takes considerable time and research to find the right software and security devices for fighting fraud.