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Why are so many construction disputes occurring in Miami, Florida?

Design deficiencies, problems with crafting, and unforeseen physical conditions have become the primary reasons behind construction disputes in Florida. Other common reasons behind construction litigation include poor management of third parties working at a site and inadequate contract management. Why is this occurring, and what can you do to avoid these problems?

Many factors underlie construction disputes

The number of construction disputes in the building industry is staggering. Problems are increasingly likely to occur because of tight timescales in projects, which may contribute to the deficient design. Economic forces are at play, too, with management not staying on top of complex supply chain issues. Additional common problems include:

  • Unforeseen physical conditions
  • Design information issued late
  • Restricted access to the work site
  • Claims were spurious, inflated or insubstantial
  • Installation failure

Contractors can potentially avoid disputes by spending more time with upfront planning and coordination and ensuring that all parties know their responsibilities before beginning the project. Other things you can do are:

  • Not rush Requests for Proposals
  • Adequately weigh factors like experience, expertise, quality, and price in a more balanced way
  • Set realistic timelines
  • Assure that all relevant stakeholders are part of a design review
  • Promote transparency and address issues as they arise

Comprehensive contracts can also reduce disputes

Learning from your mistakes in past contract disputes is vital. Drawing up comprehensive contracts that specifically detail all stages of the process can reduce the occurrence of disputes. Before signing off on a contract, make sure that you thoroughly review it to avoid unpleasant surprises.

However, no matter how careful you are with planning and project execution, problems and delays will occur, resulting in contract litigation. Therefore, protect yourself by keeping meticulous records and overseeing all project management aspects.