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The legal methods of enforcing your contract

Every day, implied or verbal contracts are being made. A written contract that is signed by multiple people is easier to enforce under business law. There are numerous methods that are taken to enforce a contract in Florida.

Fulfilling a contract

Enforcing a contract starts by discussing the terms and obligations in the contract. Usually, two or more parties meet and review the contractual terms in person. Then, the documents are signed and dated by all of the parties involved in the presence of witnesses. The signatures serve as forms of implied consent to perform their duties.

In most contracts, the terms include a list of penalties for not fulfilling one’s obligations. A breach of contract usually results in a public lawsuit or an out-of-court settlement in which the violator has to pay a certain amount of compensation.

Legal resolution

The final solution for enforcing a contract is to file a lawsuit. A breach of contract is the most common complaint that business partners provide in court. However, not all contract disputes are caused when one party fails to perform the work. Some contracts are declared invalid if certain parts of the document are unsigned or if one party does not fully understand everyone’s duties.

A contract is valid and enforceable only if each person understands the obligations that are assigned to him or her. Each contract includes an agreement to perform one’s duties to the highest standards, make sure that everyone else is working correctly and agree to the penalties if a breach occurs. As a last resort, a lawsuit is filed when no other method of enforcement works.