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Avoiding disputes during a building project

If you’re completing a building project with the help of a construction company in Florida, it’s essential to communicate through every phase if you want satisfying results. Unfortunately, disputes may occur due to confusion over the building plans, changes to the plans, site conditions and accidental damage.

Lack of communication leads to confusion over the building plans

It is critical to have an open line of communication with everyone who is working on your project. If your general contractor, subcontractors and suppliers aren’t following specific guidelines, problems can arise quickly. To ensure the scope of the work is understood by all parties, it can help to utilize construction project management software. Such a program offers a standardized format where information can be collected and shared quickly.

Failing to follow changes to the original building plans

If your project requires changes to the plans while the building process is underway, your contractors must understand them. Otherwise, they may use the wrong materials or follow plans that don’t reflect the changes that have been made.

Site conditions

The failure of contractors to regularly investigate the construction site and identify issues can lead to poor conditions and safety problems. Following a construction safety checklist is vital to avoid costly delays or serious and life-threatening injuries.

Accidental damage

Disputes can also occur with your building project when a subcontractor, such as an electrician or plumber, has caused accidental damage. Monitoring the progress of the site by taking photos and keeping accurate records can help identify when this problem occurs. Otherwise, accidental damage and a dispute between you and a general contractor or subcontractor may lead to the use of construction litigation to solve the problem.

Implementing these measures will ensure that your building project is a success. In addition to taking these measures, make sure you consult with a lawyer before you agree to any contracts to make certain you protect your interests.