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Avoid contract-related mistakes for Florida construction projects

Construction projects are happening all the time throughout Florida. The parties involved in constructing and owning buildings typically create and sign contracts before a project officially begins. Unfortunately, creating and signing a contract doesn’t guarantee the project ahead will remain problem-free.

Being too vague

Completing a contract quickly can be understandable. But nothing should cause you or another business to make things too vague. If a contract’s terms are ambiguous and unclear, this situation can lead to extensive disagreements or construction litigation.

Not having everyone’s signatures

A crucial part of any contract is having it signed. Because contracts typically involve more than one party, a contract only becomes binding once all parties sign it. Beginning a project without everyone’s signatures is like continuing with no contract.

Neglecting timelines

Understandably, timelines are critical parts of any construction project. A clear timeline lets all parties involved understand milestones and scheduled payments. Without a schedule outlined in a contract, project delays are also common. A proper timeline also helps prevent project-related disputes.

No included change orders

There are sometimes many differences between how companies picture construction projects going vs what ends up happening. Fortunately, in business contracts, change orders can help assuage potential fears regarding a project changing too much. With a clear plan for change orders, all parties have a well-defined way to anticipate and handle project changes.

It’s not advisable to rush creating a construction contract. By not doing that, you and other parties have peace of mind from disputes or potential contract-related lawsuits. Creating a thorough agreement also helps everyone avoid confusion about what should happen next.