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Don't let Black Friday cast a black cloud over your business

Hard as it may be to believe, Black Friday is almost here again. It's a day when people set their alarms for 5 am in order to be at electronic stores when the doors open. Others actually camp out in front of big box stores, hoping to be one of the lucky few chosen to obtain this year's must-have toy or electronic gadget.

3D printing is a game changer for product liability

Not that long ago, 3D printing was considered a revolutionary idea. Once found solely in the domains of large industries like aerospace engineers and medical device manufacturers, today 3D printing is becoming almost commonplace. Parents can even buy scaled down versions, in the form of 3D doodle pens, as holiday and birthday gifts for their children. With the prevalence of 3D printers, however, come a slew of new challenges to the area of product liability.

Contractor sued by people that are not his clients

Contractors know that there can be problems working with the public. They are probably prepared to handle the unhappy customer who points to the "satisfaction guaranteed" clause in the contract as the reason for demanding the contractor make changes. They may also be used to those who make changes halfway through the project and then balk at the additional expense. Regardless, contractors are pretty good at handling a lot of problems that arise from working with the public. Sometimes, however, unforeseen circumstances can lead a contractor to need the support of a solid legal team.